About Mordechai

I’ve spent much of my adult life pondering how to proceed and often not knowing what I truly wanted other than to feel safe, stable and wanted. After much inner work and deep reflection, what I’ve come to realize is that, simply put, I’ve yearned for me. This emerges from deep silence and the recognition that my story, meaning my childhood and early experiences, may not represent the truest aspect of the me I’ve yearned for. This me that interests me is not the me from my various stages of development, but a me that knows that I make a difference in my life and in the lives of others. To know that I matter in a simple, quiet and unobtrusive way seems profoundly important to me. I’ve spent lots of time and energy on psychological and spiritual practices both on my own and with some of the most prominent teachers and leaders around. Now, my interest is to share my experience with others in ways that inform, amplify and promote the best possible results. My intention is to focus, when you feel sufficiently safe and stable in your body/mind/spirit, on the basis for your pain. Together we will explore ways to gently connect and integrate that pain as a new paradigm upon which life becomes more real and increasingly viable. Together we will focus both verbally and energetically on ways to delve below your defensive system and create a meaningful dialogue to encourage and support an alternative view of your familiar universe. Some of the tools I use are active listening, role play, reframing reality, energetic awareness, dreamwork and focus on the body/mind/spirit momentary experience and promoting a gentle, easy intimacy.  


I have had extensive educational experience in psychological, spiritual and somatic realms. My undergraduate degree is from C.W. Post College of Long Island University, my M.S.W. is from Adelphi University and I also have an Masters of Criminology Degree from the University of California in Berkeley. I taught for many years in the John F Kennedy School for Holistic Studies and educated student therapists in their clinical training program. I have been trained in psychological practices ranging from psychoanalytic and Jungian to gestalt, primal, non-dual, Reichian and transpersonal psychotherapy. I have been a student in the Diamond Heart work with Hameed Ali, experienced in the work of Enlightenment Intensives with Lawrence Noyes, and a student in the work of Eckhart Tolle, Adyashanti, Frank Ostesiski, Norman Fischer and others. Over the years, I have spent considerable time with teachers in the Buddhist communities of Spirit Rock, Insight Meditation Society and Shamballa. Also the communities of Jewish Renewal, Modern Jewish Orthodoxy and new age spiritual practices with The School for Lost Borders and with a Mystery School in a year long program exploring world religions.

“When I picture you as therapist, I think your strong suit is your ability to encounter the client. Your invitation to the other to show up, meet you. It is your straight forward way of being. Your need for authenticity in your relational world serves the other.” -Bruce, PhD

“It’s been my pleasure and honor to have Mordechai as a close colleague. I’ve known Mordechai for over 25 years and have always experienced him as a profoundly caring and wise man as well as a master of the profession. Mordechai holds deep care and regard for his clients and brings his full presence to any encounter. His deep insight into personal process is obvious. He asks questions which both invite and challenge one to go deeper and to expand, to become aware and present to what is. I also deeply respect Mordechai’s strength and capacity to hold whatever personal material comes up. I regard Mordecai as a highly gifted and accomplished therapist, and his clients very fortunate” – BF, PhD, MFT