Therapeutic Practice

Generally, my work is open ended with some people spending short term periods examining specific issues like loss, grief, separation or various life crises, and others staying for long periods. Either in short- or long-term treatment, my work is an interplay between issues in present life circumstance and parallel patterns from early childhood. I have found that the most effective work connects what is happening now with its origins in early childhood and linking them with understanding and acceptance. From this generally flows an ease and freedom that allows each individual to let go of childhood conditioning. My individual sessions generally consist of an hour or an hour and a half once a week. Although I don’t accept insurance, I do cooperate, when appropriate, to support insurance payments. My license to practice psychotherapy is recognized by most insurers. I offer a sliding scale so that my fee has to match each person’s financial situation.

Getting Started

Most people, even folks with extensive therapy experience, feel stress when beginning therapy. If the match between you and me is successful, this stress generally recedes quickly. Getting started often necessitates either a resolve or clear intention or a frustration and fed-upness with life’s unease. When you feel the time is right for you to delve deeply into relevant life issues, please call and we’ll see if we’re a good match.

Stay Well.


It’s important to work with a therapist within your means. My friend Mark Pines offers a wonderful service called OpenCounseling which helps people find affordable therapy with non-profit organizations in your area.

Sebastopol office

Oakland office

“Mordecai has been a mentor of mine for many years, supporting me in my path of fully resting in who I truly am. He has taught me great lessons in presence, intimacy, and insight. Mordecai has a profound mixture of a radiant heart and a razor-sharp mind. He is able to give potent and insightful reflections as well as meeting you with great kindness and presence.” -JR